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Mr. N. Malone Mitchell 3rd, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,  is the largest investor in TransAtlantic Petroleum. As of March 22nd, 2019, Mr. Mitchell beneficially owns approximately 48% of the company.
The Company's common stock trades on the NYSE American under the symbol TAT and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TNP.
The price is is different primarily as a result of the currency differential between the two markets. NYSE American: TAT shares are denominated in U.S. dollars. TSX: TNP shares are denominated in Canadian dollars.
A transfer agent is a regulated organization that keeps track of stockholder records and information. To find out more, please contact TransAtlantic's transfer agent: Computershare Investor Services Inc. Available 7 days a week Within North America: 1 (800) 564-6253 Internationally: +1 (514) 982-7555
No, TransAtlantic does not currently pay a cash dividend.
The Company's fiscal year ends on December 31. The Company's quarters end on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
The Company's main telephone number is +1 (214) 220-4323. Investor Relations may be reached at +1 (214) 265-4708  or investorrelations@tapcor.com.
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