Press Releases

Jan 08,2010

Appoints Gary Mize as Chief Operating Officer

Appoints Gary Mize as Chief Operating OfficerTransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. today announced the appointment of Gary Mize as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Mize, who will work primarily out of our Istanbul office, began his career as an engineer with Exxon in 1974. He worked for Exxon in a multitude of capacities, including as a drilling engineer, completions engineer, reservoir engineer supervisor, production supervisor, operations supervisor, manager of Exxon's onshore gas production, and finally as the Technical Manager for all engineering and geosciences for the South East division.

After leaving Exxon in 1994, Mr. Mize joined Manti Resources of Corpus Christi, Texas, as Executive Vice President where he remained until late 2009. At Manti, Mr. Mize oversaw the evolution of its business from focusing on exploitation in South Texas to a full cycle exploration. Malone Mitchell, TransAtlantic's Chairman, said, "I'm thrilled to have Gary join the Company. We have been partners with Manti and Gary for almost 15 years. I have always held Gary's ability to execute in high regard. At Manti, he and his team excelled at turning ideas and prospects into production both on and offshore. Gary also adds additional operational and technical expertise as we look at optimizing our completion and stimulation methods."

Mr. Mize added, "From my 35 years in this business I have learned that it's a rare opportunity to join a company such as TransAtlantic, with its strategic acreage position in many emerging petroleum basins. These assets together with Malone's track-record and commitment to develop TransAtlantic into an integrated international player will make the next few years very exciting. I believe there is now an extraordinary opportunity to create value in international operations. I look forward to leveraging my entrepreneurial and operations expertise to ensure we effectively execute in the coming years."

"Gary is coming on board at a great time as we look to execute on the assets and opportunities we have assembled and contemplate," Mr. Mitchell concluded.